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Processing materials of egg tray equipment production line

发表时间:2019-10-21 10:25:14【
There are many kinds of egg tray equipment, but the egg tray machine production line is basically the same. The egg tray machine production line is composed of three parts: pulping equipment, egg tray machine and production mold. What are the raw materials processed for the egg tray machine production line? This is a brief introduction.
The egg tray machine production line can roughly produce three kinds of egg trays. According to the different raw materials, the egg trays are also different. So what are the differences between the three kinds of egg trays? Which kind of egg tray is more suitable for transportation? Brief introduction.
Pulp egg tray is made of recycled paper pulp and pressed by molding machine. Because of its simple manufacturing process, low cost and no environmental pollution, it is called "green" packaging, which is the most common egg tray in our daily life.
Plastic egg tray is made of plastic, but it is colorful and beautiful. Because of its high cost, it is commonly used in high-end supermarkets
Single egg tray is generally used in families or Western restaurants. It has the characteristics of lovely shape and convenient use, which can effectively prevent eggs from rolling off the table. It is an alternative small tableware for fashion home.
So we can see that the use of different egg trays is actually different, so different advantages can be used in different places.