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How to mix the size of egg tray equipment

发表时间:2019-10-21 10:23:13【
In the beating process of the egg tray equipment, several raw materials can be added to the pulping pool according to the designed size ratio, and the size can be sized and a small amount of functional auxiliaries can be added, such as adding sizing agent to improve the liquid permeability resistance of pulp molded products. The sizing agent used is generally rosin, paraffin emulsion or rosin paraffin glue. For the non binding waste paper products, the paper pulp should be added. Add 1.5% ~ 2% rosin gum. Talcum powder can also be added to pulp as filler to achieve a high retention rate of pulp. 20% - 30% of the water suspension of talcum powder filler can be used in the agitator to tell the treatment for 6min. After diluting with water, chemical additives are added, and then the treatment is 5min. The filler suspension is made and then added into the slurry. Some manufacturers also add a small amount of anti oil agent, anti water agent, wet strength agent and retention aid in the slurry. In the process of pulp mixing, a proper amount of white water or clear water shall be added to adjust the pulp feeding concentration of pulp molding products to 1% ~ 2%
It is very important to mix the pulp in the production of finished products. The operation of the whole process directly affects the quality of our finished products. Haichuan mechanical production line was established in 1996. In the actual production process of more than 20 years, the pulp molding products of different weight can be produced according to the requirements of customers. Production of waterproof, dyed, antiskid and many other pulp molding products suitable for various customer needs. We will teach our customers how to quickly master the mixing technology after installation and debugging.