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What are the functions of egg tray production line

发表时间:2019-10-21 10:37:33【
Egg tray production line is a kind of machine that takes pulp as raw material, uses vacuum to absorb pulp on product mould, adjusts time to make all kinds of products reach certain thickness and dry wet ratio, and produces paper tray products through mould transfer, demoulding and other processes. Egg holder
Now, let's talk about the functions and characteristics of the egg tray production line, and sort out the following aspects for you:
According to the needs of users, the egg tray production line can realize the full automation from grouting, forming, shaping, edge cutting, counting to packaging.
One machine is multi-purpose, which can be used to produce disposable utensils such as environmental protection tableware, plant fiber decoration wall board, industrial packaging, environmental protection medical tray, cow plug, welding mask, egg tray, seedling cup, paper model toy products, etc.